Monday, July 24, 2006

sharia law: justice, iran style

You've got to wonder about a culture that presecribes death for rubbing another man's buttocks four times.

Read the whole thing here. Very sad; very wrong.

IT WAS exactly 6am and the start of another blisteringly hot summer day when 16-year-old Atefeh Rajabi was dragged from her prison cell and taken to be executed.

Every step of the way the troubled teenager plagued by mental problems shouted "repentance, repentance" as the militiamen marched her to the town's Railway Square.

The Iranian judge who had sentenced Atefeh to death was left unmoved as he personally put the noose around her neck and signalled to the crane driver.

Kicking and screaming, Atefeh was left dangling for 45 minutes from the arm of the crane as the crowd sobbed and - under their breath - damned the mullahs.

Atefeh's crime? Offending public morality. She was found guilty of "acts incompatible with chastity" by having sex with an unmarried man, even though friends say Atefeh was in such a fragile mental state that she wasn't in a position to say no.

. . . .

It was when Atefeh appeared before Judge Rezaii for a fourth time that she lost her temper - and also her life. In a rage she tore off her hi jab - a headscarf - and told the judge she had been raped and it was his duty to punish her tormentors, not their victim.

Rezaii told her she would hang for her "sharp tongue" and that he would put the noose around her neck himself. It became a personal crusade as he travelled to Tehran and convinced the Supreme Court to uphold his verdict.

Two petitions by her friends, saying she was mentally unwell, were ignored. Her father produced her birth certificate proving she was 16. Yet the judges "decreed" she was 22.


Continuing Home said...

This, and so many stories like this, show what a bill of goods the Iranian people were sold back in the 1970s -- and what they have suffered under since.

If one has the chance, take a look at the book "The Hard Awakening" by (former) Anglican bishop of Iran M. Dehqani-Tafti, the only Iranian bishop of Iran.

The Ranter said...

How horrid

mmbx said...

I just read today that Afghanistan is reinstating their "Morality Police," or whatever they call them...