Friday, July 07, 2006

more to be proud of: well done, ecusa [*irony bell*]

A straw in the wind: in Sudan, there is a breakaway and very aggressive Anglican body that has had support, in the past, from government in Khartoum. Among the varied grounds advanced for its separation is the ludicrous assertion that the Episcopal Church of Sudan is unorthodox in its teaching on sexual ethics. In other words, some mischievous forces are quite capable of using the debates over sexuality as an alibi for divisive action whose roots are in other conflicts. And churches in disadvantaged or conflict-ridden settings cannot afford such distractions - I speak with feeling in the light of what I and others here in Synod know of Sudan.

From ++Cantuar's address today to General Synod in England.

Read the whole thing here.

I put a related question to liberal classmates one time: even supposing you're right about homosexuality, is it worth it firmly to establish (e.g.) +Robinson's moral prerogative to have a sexual relationship with his partner, knowing that Anglicans in other parts of the world (especially Islamic parts) will likely die as an indirrect result?  They responded (I'm serious) that not confirming +Robinson would result in lots of gay Episcopal teenagers committing suicide.

Nevermind that there are no Episcopal teenagers, let alone gay ones.

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Jody said...

Nevermind that there are no Episcopal teenagers, let alone gay ones.

You'll get no argument from me here, as a general rule. One BIG factor in that, related to the libertine morality in the Episcopal Church, but not often thought of as a direct result, is the attitude of many leaders within the church toward youth and college ministry (What's that?). I even had a professor of Christian Education who, in response to a classmate's musings that the catechism might be a useful resource in college ministry, said, as best as I can remember "Ah well, I suppose, but college is really a time for exploration and they'll come back to the church eventually." Wow... I couldn't believe it... any Episcopalians who are on fire in collge are becoming RC or getting snatched up by InterVarsity and becoming PCA (though I have friend who said there were four--four--people on leadership at her intervarsity chapter who were going through RCIA).

At any rate... rant over... now what do we do about it :-p Now's not exactly the time I would feel comfortable supporting Episcopal campus ministries... and that's a sad thing to say about your own church.