Monday, March 14, 2005

why are we christians?

I think this is an interesting question. Why are we Christians? What motivates our belief, or our assent? I am curious what you think. This is a healthy exercise in apologetics, and a clarifying reflection. A related question: what is Christianity, essentially? Its a religion, obviously. But what is it particularly? Is it a system of morality? A worldview? A metaphysical schema? Some combination?

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Joe said...

Excellent question. I am always disheartened to hear so many in the ECUSA say that they are a Christian "because I was raised one," the implication being that if they were raised in India, the would have accessed the Divine through Hinduism.

I would say, what I wish that they would say...that despite my respect for other faith Traditions, I am a Christian because of Jesus Christ. I believe that in Christ, God is uniquely revealed to us. That's really it for me...I don't think so much of my walk with Christ as a answer to a problem (although it is) but rather as the only logical response to Truth.

Grace and Peace,