Wednesday, March 30, 2005

did you know?

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I didn't mean to launch immediately into invective as soon as Eastertide was upon us. In the spirit of not being sour about things, I am intending to eat a bowl of spaghetti during the Easter Octave (I have been avoiding carbs for some time now, and I was trying, with mixed success, to fast during Holy Week).

Also: The Anglican Breviary (and other sources) witness to the meritorious practice of praying the "triple prayer" before Morning Prayer (or Matins and Prime, if you go in for that sort of thing). The Triple Prayer is 1) the Our Father, 2) the Hail Mary, and 3) the I Believe. Also after Compline. The "dual prayer" (Our Father, Hail Mary) is recited silently before the other offices.

Now: here are wo other prayers, the saying of which before the opening versicles of Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer is praiseworthy and a balm to the soul:

Aperi, Domini
Open thou, O Lord, my mouth to bless thy holy name; cleanse also my heart from all vain, evil, and wandering thoughts; enlighten my understanding; enkindle my affections; that I my say this Office worthily, with attention and devotion, and so be meet to be heard in the presence of thy divine Majesty. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Prayer of St. Gertrude
O Lord, in Union with that divine intention wherewith thou thyself on earth didst render thy praises to God, I desire to offer this my Office of prayer unto thee.

I recommend the appending of these prayers to the beginning of one's BCP or other prayer book. I have as yet not done this, but I intend to do, as soon as I can think of a way to laminate stuff.

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