Saturday, February 12, 2005

progressive racism

Fr. Jake has posted this from Fr. John Julian. I urge you to read it. Fr. John Julian compares the orthodox in Africa with the cannibal Idi Amin. Fr. John Julian lumps his African Anglican brothers and sisters in with the perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide. He suggests that the African faithful (all, presumably) share culpability for the illiteracy, disease, poverty, despotism, and death in Africa. He then observes that we are not responsible for those things in our part of the world, but are rather praiseworthy for bringing about their opposites.

Fr. John Julian anticipates cries of racism and preemptively denies them. He claims that he's just looking at facts. The disgusting and arrogant bit is his suggestion that Archbishop Peter Akinola, for example, is partly responsible for the horrors Fr. John Julian enumerates in Africa, and that Fr. John Julian claims part of the credit for social progress in the West.

Its also disconcerting that Fr. Jake (temperate by comparison to Fr. John Julian) applauds Fr. John Julian's comments.

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