Saturday, May 14, 2005

new truth!

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From Bp. Griswold's Pentacost message:

And wouldn't the alchemists be amazed at our ability to do what they always wanted to do, namely turn one element into another. Those ancients didn't have the cyclotron. This learning, and unlearning I believe is all part of what Jesus meant when he said "I have many more things to say to you but you cannot bear them now. However, when the Spirit of truth comes he will guide you into all truth."

For those of you who aren't nuclear physicists, a cyclotron is...

A circular particle accelerator in which charged subatomic particles generated at a central source are accelerated spirally outward in a plane perpendicular to a fixed magnetic field by an alternating electric field. A cyclotron is capable of generating particle energies between a few million and several tens of millions of electron volts. (From

Read the whole Griswold message here.


Thorpus said...

From what I hear, he's famous for this kind of psychobabble wrapped in biblical cellophane. He can go on learning and unlearning all he wants; I'll stick with the God who never changes, and His apostolic leaders.

With theological certainty so much a part of Christian life and thought over the ages, why doesn't he try to do justice to that in his theology? It wouldn't take a paragraph to re-ground his listeners in the certainty of Christ, if he was at all interested in that.

Alan said...

Poor Frank ... if he were to read the comments on his sermon on titusonenine, his feelings might be hurt. but then again maybe not. he can learn and unlearn the dose of 'tar and feather' he's getting, and he'll eventually say people at titusonenine really loved his sermon. :)

Anonymous said...


Read the NYT's Spong editorial today. Kristol wrote it.