Monday, May 09, 2005

and now for something completely different

My dear friend, Caleb, has started a blog. It is here. I encourage you to look at it. Caleb is one of the smartest people east of the Mississippi. He may actually be the coolest person so situated.

Caleb's ecclesial home is the Vineyard. I'm praying he'll come to see the truth of Apostolic Succession and semi-pelagianism. But then again, maybe he's praying for me to be slain in the Spirit. In the meantime, we love Jesus together.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Caleb is the coolest guy north of the Rio Grand (& south of Niagara Falls).

On another note: I suppose you could slay yourself in the Spirit - in a semi-Pelagian sense. But, there is a closer fraternal connection between St. Augustine and Luther, than between the bishop and Erasmus - not to mention Paul. So, maybe it is the Vineyard's Apostlisity that has succeeded in carrying on the mantle of the fathers.


father wb said...


No, no, no!!!! Wait... what? Caleb is cool in his geographico-contextualicity.

Anonymous said...


True enough! We would agree then that, in the New York - Boston corridor, Caleb is the chic-est anglo-testicalized heterosexatron in the post-teen demographic. In the greater New Haven area, he is the hippest of the Charismatical upwardly mobiles. In short, he is one cool cat.