Wednesday, May 04, 2005

congratulations to me

As of today, I have finished all the requirements for the Master of Divinity degree. I think. They send me so many emails about little logistical things and what not. Who knows? I would be surprised if I haven't overlooked something. But providing that I haven't missed something, I am now DONE. I won't say "Sod off, stupid school," until I have diploma in hand, and not even then as I'll be back next year for new and different things. (Hello, school friends. What a nice school we have.)

But because we are in that brief window of time when the weather is glorious, the world's colors sublime, and because I handed in a very tedious and long paper yesterday having to do with church administration, in short, for the moment: congratulations to me.


Anonymous said...

Summa Cum Willcox, Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Everyone has been praying for you.

EAS said...

Cheers WB, Well done!

Alan Wong said...

A big congrats to you! I'll enjoy seeing you walk!