Thursday, February 08, 2007

the presiding "bishop"

Friends, I have a new policy with regard to blogging about Schori and her public comments, such as her recent comments in USA Today that she sees that there are two versions of Christianity: on the one hand there's a version that's all about some nonsense called "atonement" wherein people believe "that Jesus died for our sins", and then there's another version (Schori's version) where you "talk about life" and "claim the joy."

Anyway, my new policy is this: I'm not going to blog about her. This (I hope and intend) will be my last post about Schori's blindness, etc. Its not that she shouldn't be talked about, shouldn't be refuted; its not that her apostasy shouldn't be named and decried. It should be. But I'll leave that to others. I just can't do it without cynicism, anger and depression. Its bad for my soul. So get your Schroi news elsewhere. I recommend Stand Firm. They do a wonderful job of staying on top of things and enumerating the various heresies, apostasies, etc. Its an important job. Seriously. I just can't do it. If I come to feel that I can do it, then I'll review this policy.

In the meantime, here's my advice: pray for Katharine. Often and fervently. Unite yourself in some small measure to our Lord's abnegation on behalf of Katharine; give up something for her. Fast for her. Pray that she will be granted conversion to the Gospel of Christ. Pray that she will know the forgiveness of sins that only comes through the suffering and death of the only Son of the Father, that the life of the Crucified will live and reign in her heart, to the glory of God.


wyclif said...

I totally hear you. I went on hiatus because I was dealing with "outrage fatigue" and it was starting to affect me in ways that I didn't like. So I stopped blogging, and specifically stopped blogging about TEC for a while. Besides, it was just too easy and almost writes itself anyway. I'm easing my way back into it now, but I've never been and never will be a "TEC News 24/7" type of blog. Mostly because I've never been a member of TEC.

J-Tron said...

I think that my thoughts on ++Katharine at this point are best summarized by this post over at Canterbury Trail:

I'd rather not say said...

The Ranter said...

I agree... focussing on this craziness is toxic for the soul. I am trying-- trying being the key word-- to exhibit the fruits of the spirit in my own life, rather than spending my time obsessing about the nonsense coming out of HER.

DDX said...

I am reminded of Jesus prophecy (Mat 24) describing a series of attitudes and activities that would characterize the times immediately preceding "the end" of the age. He begins with nations (actually ethnic groups - "ethnos" in the Gk)rising against each other and geopolitical disasters, all of which are in increasing abundance today, but at verse 10 His focus comes upon the Church. He speaks of falling away, betrayal, false prophets leading many astray, and in verse 12 He warns of increasing wickedness (still describing phenomena in the Church) to the point that "the love of many will grow cold." In the Greek the word "love" is "agape" which is only used in the context of the Church and thus we know He's still talking about the Church. And "many" is actually "the majority." Scary, no?

I take it as a warning to endure (say, write and do what we must) but carefully guarding our hearts that our love (which must be unconditional to qualify as "agape") doesn't grow cold. As we talk or write about apostate persecutors, I find it helpful to remind myself that they are deceived. Behind them is the whole Satanic heirarchy of spiritual wickedness whose immense power can only be active through deceit...since Eve's conversation with the serpent that's how its worked. The point is...deceived people don't KNOW they're deceived otherwise they wouldn't be. Only God can set them right. They are not capable of seeing what you see, hearing what you hear. Satanic deceit has cut them off from any illumination. They are "walking in darkness" but don't know it.

Fr WB, I applaud your continual exhortation to pray for these folks. You've done it time and time again...calling them what they are...accurately illuminating the errors, the wickedness, visciousness, deceitfulness, etc. but always holding them up for prayer to the One who alone can, and surely will, set it all straight.

Perhaps, in doing this job, you've come to the point of recognizing an increasing "coldness" as issues are hashed and re-hashed. If so, you've made a wise decision to leave it off.

Enough! It's late! But two proverbs come to mind. I'll share them then go to bed:

"Guard your heart with all deligence, for out of it are the issues of life (Pr 4:23)"

--- and ---


mmbx said...

Very wise decision, Fr. I see people growing weary and even depressed over this whole thing. And I have heard other churches where what J-Tron describes is true. People are leaving by the droves who don't really care what is going on and don't want to be in the middle of it. Their mafia-like intimidtion of some priests and parishes is having an effect, I'm sad to say. My encouragement to all of you is to "be strong and courageous. Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." After we have prayed we must then relax in Peace (with a capital "P.").

What DDX quoted in Proverbs is also true for Mothers!

mmbx said...

BTW, that "Be strong..." quote is from Joshua 1:9.