Tuesday, February 27, 2007

my catholic quiz results

This is via All Too Common and Texanglican. Here are my results. Apparently I am 311% Catholic. Hahaha! Take that Fr Kimel!

I don't know what these categories really mean. What's a "New Catholic"? Or a "Radical Catholic"? Etc. Also, I don't really think of myself as having an immature faith. Perhaps that's a sign of the immaturity of my faith...?
You scored as New Catholic. The years following the Second Vatican Council was a time of collapse of the Catholic faith and its traditions. But you are a young person who has rediscovered this lost faith, probably due to the evangelization of Pope John Paul II. You are enthusiastic, refreshing, and somewhat traditional, and you may be considering a vocation to the priesthood or religious life. You reject relativism and the decline in society that you see among your peers. You are seen as being good for the Church.

A possible problem is that you may have a too narrow a view of orthodoxy, and anyway, you are still a youth and not yet mature in your faith.

http://saint-louis.blogspot.com - Rome of the West

New Catholic


Traditional Catholic


Radical Catholic


Neo-Conservative Catholic


Evangelical Catholic


Liberal Catholic


Lukewarm Catholic


What is your style of American Catholicism?
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timothy said...

Maybe it's because you think priests should "hold liberal views" or that you think the Eucharist "celebrates the divinity in all of us" or perhaps you don't love the Pope as much as you should. Who can say?

mmbx said...

How come Tim's graph is in color and yours in grey scale? Does that tell us anything?

timothy said...

I'm more pious.

mmbx said...

I think it indicates Fr. is more pious because of the austerity. T., you are obviously the more artistic because you didn't mind that your paragraph was lopped off on the right.

father wb said...

I fixed the artistic lopped off margin. Also note that whereas I am 311% Catholic, Timothy is only 261%.

timothy said...

I did notice that I am 50% less Catholic than you, but I aver that I am more Catholic in all the right areas.

I did my best to fix the lopping off, but couldn't manage it. I blamed the quiz maker, but thanks Fr. for making it right.

mmbx said...

I beat you all. I'm 330% Catholic! Ha!ha!ha!ha!