Wednesday, February 28, 2007

into great silence

I have been itching to see this since I first heard about it. The New Liturgical Movement has held out the possibility of offering the DVD to those interested. It seems to be the end of their interest-gathering time period. I urge you, if you are interested, to inform them of the fact.


timothy said...

Just so you know, your link is bad. There are some extra characters after ".html"

Also, is this the monastery that Father Der Wäffle Hausen is from? (I'm sorry, I my memory has temporarily lapsed on his name.)

mmbx said...

Let them know if we're interested in what? I saw this film a long time ago in much better quality and in English. I can't remember where. Seems as if it was a lot more of it??

father wb said...

Interested in ordering a DVD of the movie of which this thing I have posted is the preview. The movie is about three hours long, and is in (some) theaters now.

You probably saw this preview at the official movie website before. This is lower quality because its from youtube.

mmbx said...

Oh. I'll look for it at the theater. It was beautiful when I saw it.