Saturday, February 10, 2007

oxford town, oxford town, everybody's got their heads bowed down

Or so said Bob Dylan. But that was about another Oxford. No, no; I'm talking about the Oxford northwest of London, home of 39 colleges, etc. Because I was just there, and because I do love the place, read this article about it in the NY Times. Here is a charming bit of trivia from the article:

Oxford is thick with pubs. What is this link between alcohol and academia, books and beer? One 20th-century student reputedly demanded a flagon of claret during his exams, having discovered an ancient rule in the University Statute Book entitling him to. The invigilator was able to annul the request because the student was improperly dressed: according to another statute, he should have been wearing a saber.


First Apostle said...

Oxford is God's own city. No doubt about it.

William Tighe said...

It was a flagon of beer, and he lacked a sword.

Alas, we had fewer such good stories in Cambridge.