Tuesday, February 20, 2007

paragraph 33

Here is paragraph 33 from the Primates' communique from Tanzania:

33. Third, the Presiding Bishop has reminded us that in The Episcopal Church there are those who have lost trust in the Primates and bishops of certain of our Provinces because they fear that they are all too ready to undermine or subvert the polity of The Episcopal Church. In their view, there is an urgent need to embrace the recommendations of the Windsor Report and to bring an end to all interventions.

This is like a group of school-yard bullies who have a nice little system of exploitation going and who are worried the whole apple-cart might be upset if the headmaster happens by and puts a stop to it. You see the same attitude in a child that's been caught doing something he knows he oughtn't and gets angry at his parent for catching him. The only reason TEC progressives are worried our polity is being 'undermined' is because they know that the goal of those interventions is to strip them of their 'prophetic' victory over what they consider to be outdated and oppressive sexual mores. If they were really concerned about being authentically Anglican and authentically Episcopalian ABOVE being sexually progressive, they'd be more skeptical of their own innovations, and more willing to reign in their impulses toward progressive sexuality simply because upsetting the rest of the Communion is bad form. If TEC were primarily interested in authentically being what we always have been, we wouldn't have ordained women OR consecrated Bp. Robinson OR had any problem whatsoever passing Windsor-compliant resolutions at GC06. This paragraph gives evidence of PB Schori's dangerous shell game. Find the real motive. Is it under here? Sometimes I wonder whether the progressives themselves have a clear idea of what's going on.

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father wb said...


I agree completely. I guess achieving unanimity requires that all sides (including the side in the right) capitulate a bit.

Here was another sentence that annoyed me (it was part of a quotation from a 2003 letter):

"...there is no theological consensus about same sex unions..."

That's misleading at best. There IS a consensus. The consensus is that same sex unions are contrary to the Word of God, and can neither be sanctioned nor blessed.

I'm eager for your thoughts.