Wednesday, May 31, 2006

pope benedict does it again

"...every Christian is bound to confront his own convictions continually
with the teachings of the Gospel and of the Church's Tradition in the
effort to remain faithful to the word of Christ, even when it is
demanding and, humanly speaking, hard to understand.

"We must
not yield to the temptation of relativism or of a subjectivist and
selective interpretation of Sacred Scripture. Only the whole truth can
open us to adherence to Christ, Who died and rose for our salvation."

Read the whole thing here.


Garland said...

I guess that's why he's pope, as opposed to say, me.

The Ranter said...

Please tell me you're not thinking of going Roman on us like that Taylor Marshall just did.

father wb said...

Wait. What?! Father Marshall poped?!?! Well, I guess its not really surprising. And he was, from what I hear, in a kind of difficult parochial situation. But that it happens NOW is a little surprising. Godspeed, and I will pray for him and his family.

No. I have no plans to go over to Rome. God has seen fit to make me an Anglican, and an Anglican I will remain, until He sees fit to make me something else.

Though I criticize no one who goes over to Rome. Or Orthodoxy, or whatever. The Spirit listeth where the Spirit listeth.

father wb said...

PS: I just really admire Pope Benedict. He's a real man of God, called to an incredibly important office, at an incredibly important moment in history. I pray for him, and I love his wisdom, and his wonderful teaching charism. I wish we Anglicans had a shepherd like him.

The Ranter said...

Well, we have Bishop Robinson.