Thursday, May 18, 2006


Just when you think that maybe you and your orthodox buddies are getting just a tad shrill or unfair with your comments about May Poles and fertility rites in the ECUSA, something like this comes to light. Amazing. Just amazing.

Stand Firm
did some helpful research on the author. She seems quite accomplished:
Moorey is a pagan all right, and very active in the field. She is the author of Paganism: A Beginner's Guide, Witchcraft: A Complete Guide, and Spellbound: The Teenage Witch's Wiccan Handbook.
And amusingly, it looks like 815 learned their lesson about how the internet never forgets. Stand Firm also notes:

The Episcopal Bookstore's web site contains an HTML "tag" instructing "robots" (web indexing programs such Google and Yahoo) to keep out. This means there is no Google cache of the page to which we can link, in case 815 pulls the page. Here's a screen capture of the page.


The Ranter said...

Sadly, its not at all surprising.
I wonder if this lady is a baby boomer-era person.

mmbx said...

I don't know... the page looks fake to me. If you search the site you come up with nothing on the author or title. I don't know...

First Apostle said...

Check over at Titus 1:9. It seems that the title has been removed from the bookstore.

mmbx said...

Thankfully they seem to have seen the error of their ways, for whatever reason. If they were carrying that book, it is indeed yet another shame on the church. Sigh. Thanks, f.a.