Friday, May 19, 2006


, and hello from The Mountain, where peace is wisdom's guest. Or so they say. Peace used to be wisdom's guest. Now its the guest of an ad hoc group of insane people, eager to prove that they are just as unenlightened as their misguided and fascistical counterparts everywhere else.

Noting that only one of this group is a Sewanee alumnus, here's my question: why can't they start their own college? Then they can ruin it however they want. But then, that's basically my question to the pundits of the new religion passing under the name "Episcopalianism" too.

Their answer, I reckon, is the same as that of thieves everywhere. For example: why work and save to buy a car when you can just steal someone elses? Its not very difficult, and you can get a really nice car.


Jody said...

According to your Bride-to-be you were in TN this weekend for a wedding. If you're still around, I hope you'll consider joining us for worship at Trinity Church in Winchester, just down the mountain. I pray for your safe travel.

father wb said...


Sorry to have missed y'all. As you can imagine, pretty much every moment of my time was accounted for with wedding duties. Thanks for your prayers!

Anonymous said...


Good sermonizing!

Let me just ask you this: have you ever considered Amway?

No? Good soap!