Sunday, May 28, 2006

good heavens!

I really do kind of look like Charles Spurgeon!


mmbx said...

!!! You do have a lot of Baptists in your background.

DDX said...

The "prince of preachers" also smoked cigars!

joseph said...

That's almost spooky.

MM said...

Mind the protocol, Old Soul, I called that one!

Anonymous said...


I'm beginning a deliberate clearing of all the (substantial, both physical and metaphysical) clutter in my life, so I erased my blog. For now at least. I can't wait to get out of lAmes.
That resemblance is uncanny, by the way.
Busy cleaning. Packing soon. My numbers are changing, but I'll let you know new contact info as soon as I figure everything out.
Good luck to you and MM on your move and new life in Texas.