Thursday, June 16, 2005

the ucc's apparent slide into irrelevance

“It’s a bedrock belief of Christianity - not a topic for debate.

Until now.

A venerable Protestant denomination - at the behest of some of its conservative members - is preparing to vote next month on a measure declaring that Jesus Christ is the Lord, and making it mandatory for clergy to accept his divinity.

It may seem like a slam dunk, but delegates for the 1.3 million-member United Church of Christ may reject the resolution. Several Bergen County pastors, who aren’t delegates to the convention, said they expect the measure to fail.

Read the whole thing here. Thank you, Fr. Harmon.


J-Tron said...

I actually read that measure. It claims that many people are embarrassed by the joke that UCC is "Unitarians Considering Christ" and so forth. It didn't seem all that controversial to me. One should be able to assume that a church called "The United Church of Christ" would have something of a Christian perspective on things. But I guess everything is relative these days. Or at least that's how the world perceives things.

Philip said...

The whole point of the UCC is to have congregational control.