Thursday, June 16, 2005

jack white

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Is Jack white some kind of weird, confused Christian? I note as evidence the liner art of the new White Stripes album which, moreover, is called "Get Behind Me Satan." That by itself says nothing, I suppose. And as counterevidence, consider the following:

White Stripes frontman Jack White, 29, married British supermodel Karen Elson, 25, Thursday in the Brazilian city of Manaus, according to The couple, who had not made their relationship public, were wed by a Shaman priest in a canoe at the spot where three rivers - the Rio Negro, the Solimones and the Amazon - meet.

I said at the beginning "confused." Right, so consider the shamanism as potentially mitigated by the following, which I am told was at Jack White's behest:

The Shaman ceremony was followed by a blessing at a local Catholic cathedral.

Who knows? Perhaps say a decade or two for Jack White.

Read the whole thing here. Also, watch the new White Stripes video, Blue Orchid. Maybe scan it for more evidence, for or against the thesis.


father wb said...

On second thought, the video looks satanic-ish. Though it has clear references to Adam and Eve, as well possibly to Aaron and the staff / snake. There is some question as to what extent irony is at play.

The Ranter said...

the perils of ecumenism...

J-Tron said...

You kids and your dern music!

EAS said...

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