Saturday, June 11, 2005

i must be gay, since i hate gays so much

Here following are a selection from among the letters to the editor of Episcopal Life. They are impressive. Read all of them here.

This is in response to George J. MacCormack’s letter in the April 2005 issue. Mr. MacCormack misrepresents Jesus. Jesus never once mentioned the word homosexuality in the Bible or in any way broached the topic of same-sex affiliations. If Jesus thought correcting gays was such an important thing to do, he sure forgot to tell the rest of the world.

As a former men’s prison counselor, one thing I have found to be true is this: Those people who vocalize their disapproval of gays the most are those who themselves have had sexual experiences with their same gender and have never been able to accept it. They project their self-conflicted hatred onto gays.

According to the Kinsey report, over half of all men have had some same-gender sexual contact. No wonder there is so much disgust regarding gays. So many people hate themselves and merely find peace when they attack others.

Using the guise of “helping” or “correcting” others while condemning gays is actually anti-Christ like. Jesus was pretty clear about not judging others (Matt. 7:1). Most healthy people who are secure about their own sexuality do not have time, energy or interest in “correcting” gays.

Edna Mae Whitney
Pasco, Wash.


Anonymous said...

Your hatred for gays must be a result of our cuddle time. WB, I promise not to wake you up in the morning with the "cuddle method." I hope our close contact isn't the reason we are oppressive bastards.


Father Nelson said...

Yeah, Jesus never said homosexuality, and he didn´t mean indecency of all kinds by the word "porneia" either. This is why laypeople with no training and no knowledge of the Scriptures should keep their mouths shut and pray in the pews and learn something for once.

Don´t mean to be harsh, but if this woman were in my parish and she said something like this in Sunday school, her ignorance would not be tolerated to pass as knowledge. It´s the blind leading the blind.

J-Tron said...

Of course, any tacit assumption that all those who hold the view that homosexuality is wrong are in fact latent gay or lesbian people themselves is foolish. Nevertheless, the fact remains that many people who hate gay people--I mean actively hate them and either promote or act out violence upon them--do so out of a conflict in their own sexuality. Examples of this abound, from a local Catholic priest in Baltimore who used to decry gay people (later found having sex with a 15-year-old male prostitute) to the Republican, Anti-Gay crusader mayor of Spokane, Washington who was recently exposed after an episode in a chat room. Self-loathing and guilt can be an amazingly powerful motivation to harm others.