Saturday, June 11, 2005

'our rights to... head our own direction'

Here is another. This one has colorful things to say about that wicked Red Coat, ++Rowan Cantuar. Read all of them here.

The bishops have once more bowed to the minority Christian Right -- the tail still wags the dog.

As far as churches in other countries, we can respect their views, and they should equally respect ours. If they find it impossible to be in communion with us, that is their right. They should understand that we would not give money to those who do not respect our rights to chose our own bishops and head our own direction.

We should also remind the archbishop of Canterbury that we won the American Revolution. I see no reason to accept his directives to us any more than our ancestors would accept English tea. I was baptized as an Episcopalian almost 60 years ago. We have always been a liberal, forward-thinking church. We have always been inclusive.

The present turnaround sends a sad message to many. They had finally achieved an equality. A large number of bishops agreed to full equality -- they voted for it. Now these same bishops want to change their position because the right wing of the church is unhappy. I am ashamed to be an Episcopalian.

Jay Wendt
East Norriton, Pa.

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