Saturday, March 24, 2007

you, yes, you can help the archbishop of canterbury meet with the house of bishops!

On E-Bay. This is hilarious.


J-Tron said...

It's not there anymore. What was it?

father thorpus said...

I guess the auction timed out.

It was a trip for the Archbishop of Canterbury to come to America and meet with the HoB. Since Lambeth seems always to be short of funds, Brother Causticus, of TitusOneTen fame, offered on e-bay one lucky winner the chance to finance the Archbishop's trip. The comments and BC's witty responses were very funny.

You can read all about it on TitusOneTen, at

father thorpus said...

My mistake. The auction didn't time out. The item being sold was judged to be outside e-bay's bounds, probably because of one of the following rules:

E-bay won't list:

"Listings where the buyer cannot verify the existence of the item upon receipt of the item

Listings with the apparent, primary purpose of expressing the seller’s personal views"

So I guess you really can't sell anything on E-bay.