Thursday, March 29, 2007

albany bishop jumps to rome, renounces orders

This is breaking news and though this is my diocese, I don't have many details yet. The Albany Priests' and Deacons' Update e-newsletter announced that Bishop Daniel Herzog, the newly retired Albany diocesan, has become Roman Catholic, and as this requires a renunciation of his orders and his ministry as a bishop, he has done his. He will be a layman in the pew.

This follows hard on the heels of former Albany suffragan David Bena's transfer to the province of Nigeria. I don't know what effect these moves, together, will have on the diocese and the clergy.
More details will follow as they become available.
subsequent -
Here's the ENS write-up, with comments from PB Jefferts Schori. Herzog is only the third Episcopal bishop to make the jump to Rome.
Here's the letter from the current Albany diocesan, Bishop Love.
subsequent -
This from the local rag, the Albany Times-Union.


texanglican said...

I don't forget Bishop Cox's leap to the Southern Cone for protection under the saintly Archbishop Venables. Things are happening. How long will it be before a sitting diocesan bishop does the same?

William Tighe said...

Well, one ECUSA diocesan bishop told me he longs to do what Herzog was then about to do. And pray tell me, Texanglican, what was the significance of the meeting that 3 ECUSA bishops had last September 6th with An American Catholic archbishop?