Thursday, December 08, 2005

a reminder

Don't forget to visit the Inclusive Worshipper. What fun!


Anonymous said...


I don't think you realize there is a tidal wave of change that reaches from Mary the Mother of Sophia, Mary Wife of Sophia (c.f. the DaVinci Code), through Hidlegard, Heloise, Joan of Arc, on to the Bronte sisters, Mary Daley, Hanna Arendt, and into the present day with Ang San Sou Ki, Ani DeFranco, and the Inclusive Worshipper. It is a wave of justice; a wave of freedom; a wave of inclusion; a wave that cannot be turned back. I am sorry you think it is 'fun'. How patronizing. Before long you will be baptized into the newness of life that inclusion means: you will be assimilated too.

Pax Sophia

Anonymous said...

Delete Whitehall and follow IW

The Inclusive Worshipper said...

WB: I'd like to personally invite you the Reimagining Masculinity workshop next Friday at 7:30 PM. Please let me know if you can make it.

Philip said...

Way to Go IW, WB needs some reimagining.

Anonymous said...

As WB's partner I am looking forward to being there with my love.


MM said...