Wednesday, June 13, 2007

wrap-up of the albany diocesan convention

ENS basically has it right. There were attempts by Albany left-wingers to table the abortion resolution, and some heated floor discussion from the right-wingers as to which among the many good reasons to support that resolution ought to be THE reason. The motion to table was defeated by a count of about 110 to 170, and the resolution itself passed overwhelmingly by voice. So the Albany convention is pretty solidly pro-life. What it will mean practically to disassociate our diocese from the decision by the Executive Council to join the RCRC has yet to be decided - do we try to direct our diocesan contribution away from any support of the RCRC? 815 wouldn't swallow that, surely. So it may be a straw resolution, a way to get the diocese on record as being pro-life.

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