Wednesday, June 20, 2007

this IS interesting

The Archbishop supports the decision of the Province of Kenya to provide resident Episcopal oversight for the clergy and congregations in the United States who placed themselves under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Kenya after they had arrived at the conclusion that the Episcopal Church no longer offered them the assurance of continuity with “The faith once delivered to the saints.” The provision of adequate pastoral care and episcopate oversight constitutes a deliberate and intentional effort to provide stability in an environment in which Anglicanism is being severely tested and challenged.

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The support of Archbishop Drexel Gomez, of the West Indies, is a very telling development. He has been largely silent hitherto about the ongoing realignment. He is an Anglo-Catholic. He is a member of the Covenant Design Group (the chairman?), tasked by the Archbishop of Canterbury with presenting to the Communion a working instantiation of Anglican ecclesiology. And he has been a proponent of ACI-style Communion-mindedness (as contrasted with the more vociferously "orthodox" stance of, for example, Archbishop Akinola, et al.). The plot thickeneth.


William Tighe said...

He may be "an Anglo-Catholic" but he ordains women, so let's just say he's "an Anglican."

father wb said...

WT -

Actually I did not know that. That too is interesting.

WannabeAnglican said...

Count me among those quite encouraged by ++Gomez's statement.

(Yes, I do desired a united orthodox Anglican entity separate from the Episcopal Church.)

William Tighe said...

In fact, Fr. WB, if my recollection is correct, for it is now quite some years ago, Gomez was one of the leading instigators in getting that thitherto generally, if moderately, Anglo-Catholic church provinve to accept WO.

texanglican said...

Breaking news! See Texanglican and Stand Firm for Uganda's announcement, a new bishop appointed as a temporary measure until the new "ecclesiastical entity" is in place. It also praises the Common Cause meeting in September as a crucial step toward that new entity. The new province is taking shape right now!