Thursday, April 12, 2007

deep thoughts from episcopal bishops

From the Diocese of Newark's website.

In the good ol' days, bishops issued statements about, oh, theology 'n' junk. Maybe I can get my bishop to issue a pastoral letter ruling out an NCAA Football playoff system.

Bishops' Joint Statement Regarding Radio Host Don Imus

We, the Bishops of the Episcopal Church in the Dioceses of Newark and New Jersey, are enthusiastic fans and supporters of the Women’s Basketball Team of Rutgers University.

We are deeply offended by the racist, sexist and demeaning comments of radio host Don Imus about the Rutgers team. While he has been generous to many charitable causes over the years (including the Hackensack University Medical Center), Imus’ words last week were cruel, reprehensible and inexcusable. He has distracted the public from the team’s wonderful achievements and the sterling character of its members.

By their strong and mature response to Mr. Imus’ insults, these young women of Rutgers have won a greater victory than an NCAA title. Their calm dignity and quiet confidence have been blessings to behold. Their light will not be overshadowed by the bigotry and insensitivity of a powerful media icon and his corporate sponsors.

We believe that Mr. Imus should face the consequences of his actions. Pending the outcome of his meeting with the team, we look for real changes in his conduct and his program. His failure to learn from this experience should result in his removal from the air.

The Rt. Rev. Mark M. Beckwith, Episcopal Bishop of Newark
The Rt. Rev. George E. Councell, Episcopal Bishop of New Jersey
The Rt. Rev. Carol J. Gallagher, Episcopal Bishop Assistant of Newark


father wb said...

Thats truly pathetic. Aren't there more important things to do in Newark than moralize about women's basketball and pop culture icons? They are really reaching. Its sad.

DDX said...

They have nothing to offer the world but "the things of this world."

John J. O'Sullivan™ said...

Whenever "our" diocese says anything along these lines, I think the required question is: "Who cares what the Diocese of Newark thinks about anything?" It's a *rapidly* shrinking organisation, filled with aging boomer Arians. It's as if I started pontificating about world affairs, thinking that all the world's leaders should knock on my door and ask what I would do. I have no delusions on my own "importance" on the world's stage, if only they did.