Sunday, February 26, 2006

nerdy computer stuff

For those of your who use Firefox, the other day I downloaded a "feed reader" extension called Sage. I highly recommend it. It consolidates and manages the task of keeping up with the fifteen or so blogs I look at. And its the only thing that comes remotely close to replicating the excellence with which Safari handles RSS feeds.


Garland said...

Not as elegant as Safari RSS feeds, but I guess if you are still a benighted Windows user, then such a thing could be useful. A more pressing question is where is Jesus taking those saints in his UFO?

J-Tron said...

Firefox doesn't seem to like blogger sites very much. Everything always slows to a crawl.

Father Nelson said...

Yeah... I'll stick to Safari.

John J. O'Sullivan™ said...

I still contend that the greatest FireFox addition is the Abe Vigoda status indicator. Every day, I can verify that Abe is alive and well.

Yay to Fish!


Seppuku Kid said...

Do you know if Marcus will be teaching Latin this summer again? If so, could you put me in touch with him.