Saturday, February 11, 2006

for all the world to see!!!!

I may not have been to Israel or Rome lately, but I have been sitting in my little chair, saying the Daily Office twice daily. Here is a picture of the view for your edification.

I'm also considering starting an Anglo-Catholic blog ring. There doesn't seem to be one. Though there are quite a few Anglo-Catholic bloggers out there. Any thoughts or suggestions?


Charles said...

I'd love it if you started one. Especially if I could be an honorary member :)

dimbo said...

correct the spelling on 'eddification'

father wb said...

Heh-heh. Thank you, my doctoral friend. Fixed.

Cum isto, me aedificas.

Seppuku Kid said...

Why would one say the "Daily" Office semidaily?
In Christ,

father wb said...

Wait. What?

I reckon one wouldn't. More precisely, I say individual offices twice daily, the aggregation of which constitute the Daily Office.

Often, in my experience, people use "daily office" metonymically to refer to individual offices within the Daily Office proper, much as one might use "Atlanta" to refer to, e.g., the Atlanta Braves.

I hope that disperses the fog of confusion.

Iterrum aedificatus sum.

The Ranter said...

I used to have those same bookshelves, and I have that same crucifix.
I would join an AngloCatholic blogring, if it was open to ranty laymen who don't have an Anglo-Catholic parish within 100 miles of where they live, unless you count the one with the lesbian Rector.

father wb said...

Heh. I inherited those bookshelves from a former flat mate. They've served me well... though I ran out of shelf space some time ago. I'm being overrun by books. I believe that crucifix was one of the religious articles with which I filled my pockets when I went to a papal audience with JP II in 2001, which he blessed.

Something about a parish's having a lesbian rector seems to disqualify it from being "Anglo-Catholic" in the way I am thinking....

But don't worry about your local parish not being anglo-catholic. The congregation I serve is not anglo-catholic either. Its a state of mind. Sort of. Also a pattern of devotion.

Anyway, I'm still looking into the science of blogring formation. Maybe within a week or two I will have something tangible.

J-Tron said...

Would the Reverend Father allow me to be a part of the webring, despite the fact that I wouldn't have an issue with an Anglo-Catholic parish with a lesbian rector?

The Ranter said...

I was almost willing to overlook the lesbian rector, because she was an interim... but when she evicted the trinity and brought "The Creator, the Redeemer and the Sustainer" to take it's place, I couldn't abide that. I didn't know whether to cross myself or wretch.
After my wife and I left (with much sadness for it is the parish where we were married) she shacked up with the woman who ran the Sunday School, and entered into her third 'covenant' relationship since her ordination to the priesthood in 1998. This is in addition to a divorce from a husband with whom she had more than one child.
Anyway, I would be Anglo-Catholic if it was an option. There is an "Anglican Catholic" church in town, but they don't abide ECUSA and only just tolerates visitors.

John J. O'Sullivan™ said...

If there's an A-C webring, I'm game. Perhaps, one of these days, I'll resume the PODcast. Hopefully, when a job offer comes through. It's been rough enough saying the Office recently...