Thursday, January 12, 2006

apple macintosh

For anyone out there who uses an Apple computer, and specifically who uses the OSX program I-Cal, I would be glad to send to you, free of charge, two i-cal calendars, one of Lesser Feasts and Fasts (containing all the liturgical color information, and all the readings and what not... though not the collects), and one for Sundays and Major Doubles / Red Letter Days. If you would like that, leave a comment with your email address. If you do not use a Mac, start using a Mac. If you leave your email address, I recommend you leave it in the form, for example, "myemailaddress at such-and-such-domain dot com", that is written out, so that those spam robots won't prowl through here and pick it up.

Grace is gift, like in the picture.


Father Nelson said...

ooh ooh ooh
me me me me me!

leenelson at fwepiscopal dot org

Garland said...

Me too! Me too!

Have you considered posting it to a site where people can subscribe to it? LIke this one:

father wb said...

It is posted there, but I found the site somewhat finicky. And then I improved the calendar as it is found on ical-share.

John J. O'Sullivan™ said...

OOH! This sounds positively awesome; send it my way!