Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Oh God, my God,
What the sound of a sparrow falling?
And How do you pronounce my name?
How do my hands look today?
What do I think, anyway?

And what to rejoice in the joy of a servant?
…to send the fumbling astray?
What to hear ‘Lord’ from those who accuse you?
What the sight of body breaking?
What the site of repose in smoke,
What the sound of bad hymns singing?
What the relief of your man’s extending, ‘your sins are put away?’

What the princely approaching of your glorious Son,
The adoration of His Mother,
The willed awaiting of His Bride?
What the sound of baptismal waters rushing,
First Communion taking,
Novel dedicating,
Sinners found lamenting,
Lovers’ best uniting,
Priesthood-souls marking,
Death’s dying abetting?
Oh God, my God, I want to know.

(A Poem for WB)


Seppuku Kid said...

If you are really trying to avoid the third person, you should probably say "A Poem for Me."

father wb said...

SK -- Thank you for your help, but I didn't write it.