Wednesday, September 28, 2005

litany from my ordination

Beloved, click here and listen to the litany from my ordination. My very own father is the litanist (i.e. is chanting the litany). The tone-deafness manifest in the audio foreground is my bishop, God bless him.



Adam said...


What's with the modern language? Not a criticism, just a curious question.

father wb said...

My bishop has a strong-ish preference for Eucharistic Prayer D (which I confess I rather like too). In the absence of his preference, it all would have been Rite 1. But given the bishop's preference, I thought it preferable for all the language to be consistently contemporary throughout.

Johnny Awesomo said...

when are you gonna stop talking about your ordination?

Seppuku Kid said...

Don't be a hater. Just because not even the Methodists would ordain you doesn't mean you have to belittle WB's accomplishments.
You couldn't even turn crackers into the Holy Spirit (the weakest member of the Trinity, much less Jesus.
Praise Christ,