Thursday, September 29, 2005

i've been 'tagged'

I'm not sure what being tagged means. But J-Tron has tagged me. I am going to work on the assumption that I should list five of my idosyncracies, as I see them.

1. Not wearing socks when I don't have to.
2. Singing ridiculous, made-up songs.
3. Trying to be obedient to Catholic Christianity (idiosyncratic among Episcopalians).
4. Sleeping only with a duvet (I'm stretching here).
5. An inordinate love of mayonnaise, especially upon tomatoes.


Anglican Priest said...

Please tag Michael.

Anonymous said...

I have two more for you WB:

1. sleeping through your alarm clock, a clock that is capable of waking your entire house.

2. Multi-tasking while know!