Thursday, January 27, 2005

the 'bishop' of utah

Over at Titusonenine there is a discussion of some of the recent pleasant-sounding heresy from the Episcopal "bishop" of Utah, Ms. Carolyn Tanner Irish. One of the comments has pointed out that Ms. Irish was baptized in the Mormon faith, and never rebaptized.

One of the necessary ingredients for Holy Orders is that the candidate be a member of the one Church. To be a member of the one Church, one must be baptized. To be baptized into the one Church, the one baptizing must have the intention of baptizing you into the one Church. This intention is certainly lacking by those 'baptizing' in the Mormon faith. Ergo, etc. The Congregation on the Doctrine of the Faith reached this conclusion in 2001.

Not only is Ms. Irish ostensibly not a bishop, she is ostenbibly not even a Christian.

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John Thorpe said...

Several comments: The fact that this discrepancy has been overlooked in her case, and obviously overlooked for a long time (genuine Episcopal oversight, folks), shows just how far the liberal leadership has fallen. She was probably never asked whether she was baptized when she first joined an Episcopal parish, or if so just answered in the affirmative and everyone bought it.

Also, how on earth can she be a focus of unity with the rest of the Church Universal, or the Anglican Communion, if this has not been corrected? Whether she believes it needs to be corrected or not need not be the issue: most Anglicans around the world believe it does, and that should have given the diocese of Utah pause. But I'm pretty sure the process for finding and electing and enthroning a bishop does not include such rational thought. it's the only explanation.

If she's not a symbol of unity with Chrisitans, then, how does her symbolism funcion, especially in the context of Utah? As a way to undermine the unique authority of Christianity, as a way to make naught the commandments of God by human tradition.

Finally, compare this to people, such as one family in my parish, who have lost everything because they left such a religion as LDS to come to Christ. This husband lost his job, their parents won't speak to them ever agian, they had to move so they lost their friends. What does this bishop's supposedly inclusive symbol say to such folks? What does it say to the martyrs beneath God's throne, that they could really have sacrificed to Ceasar or not evangelized in the dark parts of the world, because all religions are really the same after all? The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church, and if the diocese of Utah does not grow, we need not look far for the reason.