Friday, May 25, 2007

bishop duncan on various things

I love Bishop Duncan. This is from an interview at Catholic dot org. Read it all here. Via Stand Firm.

How do you respond when people accuse you of dividing the church?

Bishop Robert Duncan: It’s rather like a father in a family who confronts a teenager who’s acting out. And what the other members of the family say is, “Dad, don’t be so hard, you’re dividing our family.” It’s a bizarre argument, but it appeals to the modern heart and mind because it gives the modern heart and mind precisely what it wants.

That is to say, “We ought to be able to do what we want to do.” And the modern Church has no doctrine of sin and no sense of boundaries. So, I divide the church by simply saying: “Well, sin is what human beings are wired to do and from which they’ve been delivered, and the father actually has boundaries, rules and a way he wants us to live because he’s designed and called us to live that way. It’s what’s best for us.”

The other criticism that gets made is that we’re just worked up over sex. That’s not it at all. We’re actually worked up over what scripture says, and in every regard. We’ve been lax about allowing remarriages after divorce. We’ve been lax on what scripture clearly says about human life and its sanctity. We take those positions in morality because of what the word says. Because of what the Lord said.

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wyclif said...

Bp. Duncan should be commended for these comments, esp. that it's really not about sexuality; that is just a presenting issue in the current conflict. Also, I was delighted with the pro-life comment.

Bp. Duncan was the rector of the Episcopal Church bordering our campus, before he was elected to the Episcopate.

I pray that he receives wisdom from the Holy Ghost and is granted the courage of his convictions to lead those he can to separate from this false Gospel officially taught by TEC.