Wednesday, May 16, 2007

big news expected from fort worth this afternoon

Read the prognostications here.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand. Why not wait just a couple more months until the Sept. 30 deadline? If it does turn out to be a failure, as many skeptics think, then the Christians left in TEC can run for the hills. If it actually ends up being the meeting and communique that succeeds where others have failed, then what? What would leaving now gain you? What about the faithful left to the liberal wolves in dwindling numbers??

I understand wanting to be distanced from TEC. But why now?

father wb said...


I don't know. I agree with you completely. But it looks like Sept. 30, the DeS Communique, etc. are in fact now dead. I will be interested to see how this unfolds.

Anonymous #2 said...

On a more positive note, though, if Fort Worth were the first diocese to depart ECUSA, they'd be in a very strong bargaining position to affect any emerging province's position on women's "ordination."