Thursday, January 25, 2007

Not Just Whistlin' Dixie

So this is the nave of my parish. The flags are those of each of the colonies present at the Albany Congress of 1758(?) when the colonies tried to establish a united plan of defense against the French; there are also a few other flags. One you can't see here, but which hangs just beyond the upper left corner of this nave photo, is the flag of the state of Georgia as of 1956 (which is pictured here, and which was the flag of that state about the time these flags were originally hung in this space).

I found myself today strolling down the aisle of the nave, in a jovial mood, whistling - as I am oft wont to do when in a jovial mood. I had chosen Dixie because I find its melody's ability to express different moods intriguing, and its range challenging. Having, in addition, an especial affinity for the lyrics of that masterful tune, I was thinking them as I whistled, and when I reached the phrase, "live and die for Dixie..." -- such inspiring words -- my eyes happened to glance upward at the Georgia flag pictured above.


It was a beautiful moment.

God bless the South, sustain me in my exile, and bring us all to His Heavenly Home -- by which I mean Virginia. And I'll add to my next confession the sin of not being actually more Southern than I am.


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