Saturday, December 02, 2006

neither here nor there

Some gripes with the Daily Office Book -- (1) Where were the readings for St. Andrew's Day (or for that matter ANY feast prior to the Eve of the Visitation -- May 30)? (2) Given that greater feasts begin at Evensong on the day before the feast, the Daily Office Book doesn't seem cognizant of the fact that all Sundays are such feasts. You can tell because the Church's new year begins TONIGHT, at Evensong. Yet the readings for tonight's Evensong are in the Year Two book... i.e. for Saturday of Proper 29 / Pentecost 25 / Trinity 24. Is it my particular book that's faulty?


father wb said...

Found the Holy Day readings. They're divided in half. HAHAHA!!! Tres clever.

The Ranter said...

You have been tagged in the Holiday Meme at Ungodly Rant