Friday, December 08, 2006

congratulations to father al

Father Al Kimel, formerly Father Al Kimel, just (re)became Father Al Kimel. I.e. he was made a Roman Catholic priest on the 3rd of December. Hoozah, Fr Al. I'm sure I speak for all the Whitehallians (to use Fr Thorpus's neologism) when I say I wish you all the very best, and I bid your prayers for your former coreligionists.

Read all about it (mainly look at the pictures).


mmbx said...

Is he married?

texanglican said...

Indeed he is. In fact, he posted a comment last year just after Christmas that dealt with (among other things) is first Christ Mass as a Roman Catholic and his family's response to it. It is well worth reading

May God grant them a happier Christmas this year.

mmbx said...

Thanks, Tex, for the fun link. That is precisely the MAIN reason I'm not a Roman today. I couldn't bear the bad music! Good music truly enhances my worship.