Wednesday, August 23, 2006

robert wokler

Robert's obituary has appeared in The Guardian. It ends thus:

Wokler was the most sympathetic and delightful of friends, the most sparkling, amusing and ebullient of conversationalists; he was also an acutely sensitive and deeply private man - Diderot and Rousseau rolled into one. The companionship and support of American friends he met late in life was an unexpected blessing and, with the affection of older friends and the devotion of his family, a comfort in his last years, which were overshadowed by illness.

Though much of his work was shaped by the times, Wokler's own values, tastes and manners were those of an earlier, more civilised and graceful world than that which he inhabited, and in many ways deplored - and to which his example stood as a dignified, restrained, but determined rebuke.

It was a privilege to be one of those American friends Robert met late in life and whose companionship and support were a blessing to him. I hope that is so. I know its true of MD. Anyway, read the whole thing here. I do miss Robert.

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I wish I had stayed that night in Cantab. It would have been a joy to meet Dr Wolker.