Sunday, August 20, 2006

prattle and inanities, &c

What have I done today?  A long nap this afternoon.  Then sushi for dinner.  Tonight has been given to reading and listening to music.  I was interested to learn that my favorite rock and roller, Will Oldham (pictured above), aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy, is coming out with a new album in September.  Hoozah.  A friend sent me a song preview.  Here it is.

And, urged on by the conflict betwixt Israel and Hezbollah, I read a story about a 19th century Maronite Saint, St. Charbel Makhlouf.


Garland said...

Oh, huzzah! Huzzah!! His collaboration with Tortoise has only whetted my appetite for more! This will no doubt be the album of the century, cementing his status as the only real genius of his age.

DDX said...

What is the correct spelling? Huzzah...Hoozah? Or, are they two different things? Is the pronunciation "huh-zah" or "hoo-zah"? And why does Oldham's music always sound like he recorded it himself? (...or is it myoozick...?) This is all too difficult for me...I'm going to bed.