Monday, October 10, 2005

fr. leander harding on the back-and-forth between fr. kimel and fr. zahl

The reason we must pursue with new committment real ecumencial discussion, despite the distraction of the meltdown of mainline Prostestantism, is a missionary reason. I am completely convinced of the dictum of Leslie Newbigin that denominationalism (of which non-denominationalism is the apotheosis)can never convert Western secular culture because it is the form of church which has already fatally conformed itself to the commodification of religion in a consumerist society. We must still strive that the prayer of the Lord be answered and that we shall all be one, even as the Father and the Son are one, and not bed down in reified positions and counter-positions but seek the common interests of those who desire to keep faith with the Apostles and their mission. It is hard to see how the way forward can be anything other than a reformed-catholic faith that can accomodate the pentecostal revival. Though Anglicans have not got it right yet, we have been working parts of this problem for a while and may have something to share and not the least with ourselves.

Read the whole thing here. Not long, and well-worth it. Not sure what I think. Maybe I'm too into protecting theological interests, overstating my position, defending it intractably, etc. (Though not about the Lord Jesus being God and Son of God.)

Here is Pontifications, and here Fr. Zahl's blog.

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