Friday, July 06, 2007

from the sad ironies department

You may remember the ECUSA Priest / Moslem, Dr. Ann Holmes Redding, who was the talk of the town a couple of weeks ago.  Well, she's been inhibited by her ECUSA Bishop, Geralyn Wolf of Rhode Island.  That means she's forbidden from functioning as an ECUSA priest for the time being.

Dr. Redding stated that "The church is going to have to divorce me if it comes to that.  I'm not going to go willingly."  That seems like a typically contemporary Episcopalian response.  "I refuse to accept that my actions have consequences!  I must be allowed to do whatever I want!  My actions must be affirmed, no matter what!"

The final irony is that while Dr. Redding is forbidden to teach, preach, or function at any ECUSA parish or institution, she has accepted an invitation to teach at the Roman Catholic Seattle University.  What strange days these are.


mmbx said...

"Nowhere to run to, Baby. Nowhere to run."

MM said...

(sputter) Did you see J-Tron's post on point? It was fantastic. Good to see that her bishop is living up to his pastoral reponsibilities to care lovingly for this poor girl.

In what department is she teaching at Seattle? I dont hear much good about that diocese these days. Bleck.

father thorpus said...

This kind of situation is what inhibition was created for, not as a club with which to beat clergy and parishes who are in conflict with the bishop. It's supposed to be a broom to sweep up the remains of a ministry that has already departed, such as the wiccan priests in Central Pennsylvania.