Tuesday, October 10, 2006

more from canon john heidt on a.p.o.

In short, we can accept Katharine Schori as Presiding Bishop of ECUSA legally elected by the House of Bishops, just as we can accept an elected president or prime minister, but we cannot accept any kind of primatial oversight she might exercise such as acting as chief consecrator of episcopal ordinations - a primacy she apparently rejects anyway. The time has come at last for traditionalist bishops to choose or even create a true primate with real authority, local or foreign, who will have the approval of Canterbury – someone not appointed through the offices of the Episcopal Church. Then perhaps we will move a little closer to the original proposal of Bishop Grafton and others.

Read it all here. Good points, all. An especially good point is that "primatial oversight" is not something really exercised by the ECUSA Presiding Bishop to begin with. So "ALTERNATIVE Primatial Oversight" is kind of a misnomer. But the fact remains: whatever relationship obtained, hitherto, between dioceses and the ECUSA Presiding Bishop can no longer obtain. We would like for this relationship to be ended, and replaced with a relationship with another (arch)bishop who will exercise adequate and acceptable Primatial Oversight for us.

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