Sunday, September 10, 2006

more liberal blockheadedness, this time from +san diego

Read this letter from the Bishop of San Diego to his diocese. I read it and weird emotions well up inside of me. Anger? Not really. Frustration? In part. Its more, I suppose, just bewilderment. How can someone think like this? It really is the most incredible kind of refusal to understand. Here is what I would say to people like that...

I mean, fine, sir, dont' agree with us. But why keep insisting that we believe and preach the same things you do? (I want to hollar) LISTEN TO ME! We don't! It is time to stop pretending. Your religion, right reverend sir, this "new and holy thing in our midst," as you call it, belies many of the central assumptions of ours. No one thinks "they sky is falling," as you put it. But it simply makes no sense for us to continue to be chains around each other's necks. Our faith and yours are different faiths. Why should we continue to live as though they were the same? We will impede the proclamation of your new faith, and you impede the proclamation of our old one. So let us go! We're not trying to stop you carrying on with this "new thing" - if it is of God, if it truly is "holy," as you say, then it will be blessed -- and good luck to you (who are we to prevent it?). But in the meantime, we just can't be a part of it. Our consciences will not allow it. Quit insisting that we can. Quit insisting that your "new thing" is no big deal. You are not speaking for us when you say it is so. It is a big deal to us. Quit insisting that everything is alright as far as we are concerned. We are here to tell you definitively: IT IS NOT. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we just can't go with you. We don't believe what you believe. LET US GO.


mmbx said...

AMEN! AMEN!! I hope +san diego reads this blog.

MM said...

Way to go, O.S.

Everyone congratulate this fine young man on the first anniversary of his priesting... God knew what he was doing, huh?